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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Quick Guide to Web Accessibility

Section 508 states every website should be accessible to disabled people, well if you could make a web site which is accessible to people with disabilities then its obvious that normal user can also access it, then why not develop websites for everyone.

Here's a quick list for making Accessible websites

  • Use 'alt' atribute for every image/visual elements, and client-side image maps for images with multiple links.
  • Use Captioning and Transcripts of audio if you are placing some audio in the webpage and description of video files.
  • Use Accessibility keys to access atleast the main pages on the website.
  • Use 'longdesc' attribute to describe/summerize graphs and charts.
  • Use 'acronym' element for acronyms/abbreviations.
  • Use 'label' elements for form fields.
  • Apply 'title' attribute wherever possible.
  • Use CSS for layout.
Web Usability and Web Accessibility should be the key factors while developing a website.


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