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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Web Accessibility, Search Engines and You

Search engines love accessible web sites. The basic thing required to make a website search engine friendly is making it accessible to any type of user, and one good way to examine how accessible a website is, can be learnt using Text Browsers like Linx.

Google also mention the same guidelines through its Google Information for Webmasters without actually using the word "Accessibility" anywhere on the page, but everything comes
under the Accessibility guidelines of Section 508.
Even other major search engines like Yahoo and MSN do love Accessible websites.

Complete information about Section 508 can be found at US General Services Administration (GSA)'s fully devoted website www.section508.gov.
The one line philosophy behind this act is "Electronic and Information Technology should be accessible to people with disabilities"

There are couple of good tools to check the Accessibility of a website, you can find them at following URL's:

If you are Usability professional or someway related to Usability field or just have the good feelings to make web a better place then let's together make/help to build Accessible websites.


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