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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Future products are still being developed from Management’s point of view

Recently I was analyzing (Usabilty Testing) an e Learning Management System’s requirement documents and prototype, the development for which was going to start in few days and the product is supposed to hit the market by March 2006.
To my surprise the requirement documents showed no end user interest but vision was how the management/owner want to see it. The overview of the documents has a line somewhere which reads as “This LMS (Learning Management System) will be very powerful and user friendly” and from the rest of the documents and proto type it was very clear to me that the document creators did not take users actions into consideration.
To provide an example, there was functionality in Administrator module by which the management can change the theme of the system. So any time the Management doesn’t like the color of the templates, they can just use it to change the theme of the system forcing users to see the color that management likes.
This is same as a Manager of a company changes some employees sitting arrangement as and when he likes, the employee may get frustrated because of these unexpected changes but the Manager won’t care about it.
Thanks to the client who agreed to have everyone personalize the theme and not force them to go with what management likes.


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