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Friday, July 29, 2005

SiteMap's for Google

Google has come up with a sitemap generator tool that gives webmasters a way to get their site pages indexed in short time. The short time is still in question as Google downloads the sitemap from the URL provided to it on almost everyday, but doesn't seem to index all the pages in the sitemap in short time, may be another google strategy.
To use the tool, your server must support Python and you should have SSH access to the server. Although its a little complicated process, but give it a try.
As the result Sitemap file is XML, we can't have our users to go to that page to search for a page on the site, but either this file should be used to create a HTML sitemap that should be linked from "Site Map" link on every possible page on your site or there should be a completely different User Friendly SiteMap page linked from "Site Map".


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