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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mention the file Size - Important

If your website has some kind of documents for the users and want them to download or read it online, then its very good idea to show the actual size of the document beside its download/open link.
eg. Download Company Profile (File - type: .pdf, size:34KB)
View Analysis Report (File - type: .doc, size:1.8KB)
Why this is important?
1. If the user is on dial-up connection, he/she will be well aware of the download time the document is going to take.
2. If the file is big in size and the Internet connection is slow, the user may leave the site for temporary and try it from somewhere else or atleast try to download/view it some other time.


Blogger Purple Avenger said...

My "rule of thumb" has always been anything larger than about 50K should be given special consideration like this.

Images that are huge REALLY irk me. Idiots with digital camers posting up 2M BMP images is insanity. People need to learn to crop, convert to jpeg, and play with compression rates. The relevent part of the 2M monstrosity usually goes down to about 40K.

9:50 PM  

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