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Sunday, December 03, 2006

HTML, CSS and Cross Browser Issues

There are things that work in IE but not in other browsers and there are things that work perfectly in Firefox, Netscape but look weird in Internet Explorer. Sometime when we code/develop an application with very neat HTML and good CSS, we feel that it will work fine in all browsers but that’s always not the case, Internet Explorer renders the pages with its own rules while others do it with their own policies. Most of the time its a problem with IE and the development rule should be to design first for other browsers and then fix the issues in IE.

One such example is one of my past articles: Alt text for images and Browsers - Why some browsers does not display alt text?, it is on why firefox, netscape and mozzila-family of browsers doesn’t show ALT text in tooltip but IE does and what is a way around if you need to show the alternate text for images in tooltip for these browsers.

Hereafter I am going to write a small series on HTML, CSS tips and tricks that helped me and hope they will help you too to counteract the cross-browser compatibility problems.


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