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Monday, August 28, 2006

Findability - Use User's Keywords

In his latest article Jakob Nielsen tells us the importance of
old, common and user known keywords for better searchability,
findability & usability and why should we avoid new, legacy words
when writing for web. Read the complete article .

When we prepare write up for a website, we should use the user
, it makes sure user will find our site EASILY rather
than using new marking slogans and keywords that only the company knows and user seldom use them to search for your services or products. This is also very important for Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

When we are writing a SEO copy, our methodology for preparing a list of keywords for a website includes: preparing a list of keywords and keyphrases for company product and services using our own words and then research and prepare a final list of keywords that user likely uses to find our products or services.

You can use Overture's keyword suggestion tool or DigitalPoint.com's keyword suggestion tool (Side by Side Data from Overture and Wordtracker)to find the keywords that people, all over the world, use in their search queries to find your services/products.


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